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Our Story

We Are ThePointerkids Also Known As
Soli, Ben, Niyya,CJ, and Tremmie

Upon One Day, Our First PointerKid Was Born, (Tremaine Wilson)

August 6, 1996 Seven Years Later, Our Second PointerKid Was Born, (Cameron Sidney)

November 5, 2003 Three Years Later, Our Third PointerKid Was Born, (Saniyya Sidney)

October 30, 2006 Two Years Later, Our Fourth PointerKid Was Born (Solomon Baeza)

December 1, 2008 Three Years Later Our Fifth And Last But Not Least (Benjamin Beaza)

Now We All Turned Out As Cousins And Siblings. How We Got The Name (ThePointerKids)

is Because, Our Grandparent's Last Name is (Poindexter).

Take Out The (Dex), What Do You Have? And? We Are Almost All Kids

How We Started Our Channel, Was When Niyya Called Soli And Said,

"Soli, We're Starting a YOUTUBE Channel. Soli Said, Really, That Cool.

See You Next time With New Stoies

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